We aren't your average turf
company, so our product
isn't average, either

From start to finish, we obsess over every step so you don't have to

Since 1993, Precision Products, Inc. has been producing precision parts for industries with exacting standards: automotive, aerospace, firearms and more. These standards, coupled with a commitment to quality, serve as the foundation for our success.

It is also what our customers have come to rely on ... and so will you.

We manufacture and have the ability to repair and maintain the equipment we use. This means less downtime due to equipment failure, resulting in more consistent delivery of product for our distributors.


We Do It All

From engineering to design, from material sourcing to production.

GO GREEN is able to ensure consistent quality each step of the way, resuting in a product that each employee proudly stands behind.

We have all the bases covered, which brings a level of quality to our products that we are proud to stand behind.

Our distributors can be assured our products are of the highest quality, every single time.

We have you covered and can offer a more enriched product line, because we do it all!

Go Green actually manufactures the artificial grasses that we represent.

However, the true ‘advantage’ is that we are not only the manufacturer, but we belong to a full suite of synergistic companies, PPI Parts and LexLawn, that manufacture the extrusion machinery, as well as the actual yarn found in our products.

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