Create lawns that live
up to the challenge

How can Go Green products benefit you?

Water.  Environmental concerns.  Digging, mud puddles, and pet stainsNatural grass that just won't grow.  These are only a few of the issues that homeowners deal with in pursuit of that sought after lush, beautiful, green yard.

Go Green's product knowledge and quality assurance is built on over a decade of experience in the industry - controlling every part of the production process.

Focusing on American-made systems for Landscaping, Pets, Play, Roof Decks and Golf, we are committed to offering our customers a better option. The choice is yours.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer with dedication to continued research and development of nylon yarns, we are proud to offer the industry's FIRST artificial grass 15-year warranty on our Platinum HeatMaxx® products that specifically cover reflective burns!

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