Get out and play!

Time to Play!

Whether you are a parent or are responsible for children’s care, there is nothing more important than safety.  It doesn’t matter if they are playing in the comforts of your own backyard, the school playground or the neighborhood park, you want peace of mind knowing they aren’t going to get injured.  That’s why Go Green has initiatives that are committed to providing a safe, commercial-grade play installation, for any application, even your very own backyard.


What does commercial-grade really mean?

Commercial play projects at places like schools, day cares, parks, etc., require installations that provide a safety fall attenuation as regulated by ASTM. This is dictated by the height of the play structure so if your little one falls, the surface ensures they won’t get hurt.

Specially rated safety foam is installed underneath your Go Green Synthetic Turf to offer fall attenuations up to 12’ and are ASTM 1292 tested to ensure your children’s safety, no matter where they are playing. In addition, our Play products have been tested for ADA compliancy, which means when installed per manufacturer guidelines, they will pass for wheelchair use and ADA accessibility.


Safe | Clean

One of the best features of a Go Green Play Surface is that there are no harmful chemicals or pesticides used that could potentially be harmful to your kids or pets. Additionally, our Play Surfaces never require rubber crumb, so they will stay cooler and cleaner, too!


The Platinum HeatMaxx® Advantage

Whether it’s for residential backyard use or to handle the extreme activity from hundreds of little feet daily, Platinum HeatMaxx® is made to stand up to the challenge. Because it’s made of nylon, it will out-perform similar looking products constructed with polyethylene.

  • Studies show that nylon is 25% more resilient than polypropylene and 40% more than polyethylene
  • It won’t melt or burn since it has higher melting points (up to 460 degrees)
  • About 20% cooler than other products
  • Comes with a 15-yr manufacturer warranty, including a warranty against reflective burns from Low-E windows
  • Utilizes BioCel™ technology with plant-based technology so it’s safer for the environment and for your children

Since commercial play areas generally get a very high amount of traffic, we suggest using one of our products designed specifically for Play Areas. You will see our product selection on this page was chosen specifically for this application to ensure your play area will stay safe AND looking beautiful for years to come.