Platinum HeatMaxx

Why should I care about Platinum Heatmaxx?


Better quality for your money

Our nylon product doesn't just look better than the competition, it holds up better. While polyethylene (PE) products can actually melt under reflective conditions created by the hot sun, nylon can endure more than double the heat: up to 460F.

Eco-friendly, nontoxic turf

Like all Go Green products, Platinum HeatMaxx contains no toxic chemicals, no lead, and is made of renewable resources. And, Platinum HeatMaxx products last longer, making them the most environmentally friendly choice.

25% more resilient

Nylon is proven to deliver superior performance. In fact, studies show it is 25% more resilient than polypropylene and 40% more resilient than polyethylene.

A guarantee unlike any other

There's a reason Go Green HeatMaxx Platinum products promise a 15-year worry-free warranty. Other turf made of PE products can only take about half the heat. Our products are thoroughly tested to make sure they can not only take the heat, but beat it!

So what is HeatMaxx?

HeatMaxx products were created in response to low-e windows, which can wreak havoc on synthetic turf by reflecting too much sun.

This is a huge problem because the result is unsightly discoloration and burns — which other installers and manufacturers refuse to take responsibility for.

HeatMaxx comes in a variety of levels based on your needs:


Platinum HeatMaxx


Platinum HeatMaxx 65


Platinum HeatMaxx 90