Long awaited artificial turf solution for reflective burns is finally here!

Dalton, Georgia, November 2, 2017 – Go Green Synthetic Lawn Solutions has just announced the release of a new artificial grass product that provides a solution for an industry-wide issue with reflective burns caused by Low-E windows. With the introduction of the Platinum HeatMaxx® series, Go Green is the first and only manufacturer to offer a 15-year warranty, against reflective burns.

With the increase of these Low-E windows to create a better energy efficient solution for both residential and commercial applications, the synthetic turf industry has been challenged with reflective conditions that create very high temperatures. These reflective conditions have been reported around the world, to burn and melt surfaces such as aluminum siding on houses, paint on cars, and, among many others, artificial lawns.

David Davis, President of Go Green stated, “We have been working for years to perfect our proprietary blend of nylon yarns to combat the heat issues our industry has been challenged with.”

Most synthetic lawns made of polypropylene and polyethylene have melt temperatures around 320°F. Go Green’s Platinum HeatMaxx® series made with nylon, have a melting point of 460°F. Because of this, they are able to withstand the high temperatures that exist in these reflective environments.

“This has been quite a frustrating problem for our entire industry”, said Michelle Balicki, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The finger has been pointed at the artificial turf manufacturer to mitigate an issue that has affected homeowners, architects, and commercial properties of all kind. But the truth is, this is clearly a much more wide-spread problem that expands much farther than our industry. We are just very excited to be able to provide a solution.”

For more information about Go Green or Platinum HeatMaxx®, Platinum HeatMaxx 65® or Platinum HeatMaxx 90®, call 844.368.4765 or visit www.gogreensynturf.com/products.  For direct distributor inquiries, please contact us: www.GoGreenSynTurf.com/distributors.

About Go Green Synthetic Lawn Solution:

At Go Green Synthetic Lawn Solutions®, vertical integration is our key to providing the most sophisticated artificial grass available on the market today. Go Green Synthetic Lawn Solutions® is made in the USA and is the first choice for residential, commercial and other applications requiring a superior artificial grass alternative. Go Green is the Home of Platinum Heatmaxx®, the FIRST synthetic turf warranted against reflective burns!