High quality,
low maintenance

Let us help you beat
the heat and avoid
unsightly lawn burns

Imagine: You step outside to enjoy the summer sun and instead find yourself hopping across blades of grass that scorch your feet as you scurry across. To make matters worse, those energy efficient windows you purchased? They reflect so much sun that your yard has developed burn marks.

With our unique Heatmaxx technology, burned blades — and feet — are a thing of the past. So are wasted hours mowing and watering lawns.


Still not convinced?

Perfect for paws — and playgrounds

A turf that won't burn offers safety for its users. Our heat-resistance means protection for kids and pets.


Dependably durable

Our product is completely crafted in-house, we're confident it won't get crushed underfoot.



Not only does our turf stand up — literally — to its competition, but it will remain fresh and green for years beyond the alternative options.

Take back lost time