Go Green Announces Commitment to Sustainable Products

Dalton, Georgia, December 11, 2017 – Go Green Synthetic Lawn Solutions announces a major initiative to shift its manufacturing focus to more sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

This change began with the inception of including a soy-based backing system on their artificial grass landscape and golf products. Universal Textile Technologies, innovators of BioCel™ and pioneers using recycled and bio-based materials to produce state of the art technologies in the textile industry for over 20 years, provides Go Green products with an exceptional backing system that adds more value and a better choice for the consumer.

Platinum Heatmaxx 65 with BioCel™


The BioCel™ system utilizes plant-based polyols derived from renewable natural oils to replace a large portion of the petroleum-based polymers normally used in the manufacturing process. The increased use of renewable resources for the artificial grass industry means Go Green directly contributes to the US economy by reducing the use of foreign fossil fuels and replacing them with polyols from soybeans, which directly supports our American soybean farmers.

“As the synthetic turf industry continues to grow as the needs expand, we want to look at our options closely and make the right decisions”, says Michelle Balicki, VP of Sales & Marketing for Go Green Synthetic Lawn Solutions. “Utilizing BioCel™ technology means we not only lower our carbon footprint, but we offer a better value to our customers as well.”

The added benefits of this system include better tuft bind, lower VOC’s, improved moisture barrier, enhanced performance and stability due to Celceram™ content (a highly refined & recycled mineral compound) and overall extended life of the turf.

Kim Gordon, Director of Operations for Go Green explained, “the benefits were compelling to us from a performance standpoint, but because we can offer a better system without an increased cost to the consumer, this was an easy choice for us.”

“Universal Textile Technologies is excited to be associated with the Go Green team, who is also recognized as an industry innovator and leader in technology and product development”, said Doug Giles, UTT’s Director of Marketing. Continued efforts by UTT to collect plastic bottles from Yellowstone National Parks that would normally end up in landfills, means Go Green can implement the use of these recycled material with our PET backing systems on products requiring a cushion backing for specialty applications.

As plant-based materials continue to climb to the top of the list for environmentally conscious consumers, it also rises to the top for procurement for commercial and government funded projects as well. Additionally, the USGBC had also addressed this through its LEED v.4 updates and initiatives to not only conserve water, but to source bio-based, sustainable products.

About Go Green Synthetic Lawn Solution:
At Go Green Synthetic Lawn Solutions®, vertical integration is our key to providing the most sophisticated artificial grass available on the market today. Go Green Synthetic Lawn Solutions® is made in the USA and is the first choice for residential, commercial and other applications requiring a superior artificial grass alternative. Go Green is the Home of Platinum Heatmaxx®, the FIRST synthetic turf warranted against reflective burns!

About Universal Textile Technologies
Universal Textile Technologies supplies the carpet industry with multiple backing systems manufactured for use in mid to high-traffic commercial, hospitality, residential, corporate, healthcare, education, and lodging markets. Additional markets include synthetic turf for sports fields and synthetic grass for landscape applications.