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Go Green is pleased to announce FIS Outdoor as a distributor of our quality products.

Other turf lawns can’t take the heat.
Ours can beat it.

Imagine: You come home from a long day of work just to find the siding of your home melting. To make matters worse, you look down and your grass is burned; all due to your neighbor's new Low-E windows.

This isn't some science fiction tale about the power of the sun, it's something that's actually happening to people across the U.S. and U.K.

The price of those energy efficient windows can cost you a pretty penny to fix a damaged home and lawn. That's why Go Green offers a special reflective burn guarantee on our Platinum HeatMaxx products at a time when other companies are busy pointing fingers at one another.

With our reflective burn guarantee, you can promise your customers the yard they want and the protection they deserve. Find out how you can offer the HeatMaxx difference today.


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We make it easy for you and your clients. How?

Local production

Each piece of Go Green's turf is created in the US by our family suite of companies. This means faster testing and development to get products to you.


Innovative support

Because of our company setup, collaboration and innovation aren't just easier, they're encouraged. We'll work as closely with you as needed to create what your customers want.


Quality assurance

We've seen each piece of the product and evaluated every step of the way, so we can guarantee your customers are happy with the product they're getting.

Still not convinced?

Perfect for paws — and playgrounds

A turf that won't burn offers safety for its users. Our heat-resistance means protection for kids and pets.


Dependably durable

Our product is completely crafted in-house, we're confident it won't get crushed underfoot.



Not only does our turf stand up — literally — to its competition, but it will remain fresh and green for years beyond the alternative options.


What is the Go Green difference?