It’s Winter Time. Bring on the Snow! And the Mud!?

Muddy Dog PawsWhile the weather outside is frightful and snuggling with your puppy is so delightful, cleaning up after them from all the mud left behind once the snow melts is anything but cheerful. And you know who is standing by waiting, ready to jump right in, roll around and cover themselves in that lovely coating of mud that ultimately is going to be all over your house. While the kids and dog think it’s the best time they have ever had, the same cannot be said for you.  We have all been there and have the Instagram pictures to prove it!

Go Green artificial grass gives you the chance to STOP THE MUDDINESS!  So you'll be saying, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!  And just like the mailman, your backyard is now ready to handle the snow, rain, sleet or hail - without the worry or bother.

Muddy Boy and DogMaintenance? It’s easy! When there’s snow on the ground, you don’t have to do anything.  Once the snow melts, you may have to clean up some of the “hidden gems” your four legged friend left behind. Once you have picked up the waste, given the area a good rinse with ProVet Logic to ensure there is no bacteria that can grow from leftover solids (which can and WILL create an odor), brush up with a straight-edge nylon bristle rake or power broom to make it look like new, and you are all DONE, unlike your neighbors who will be fertilizing, mowing, aerating and of course cleaning up the mud from their home.