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If you among the many who are dealing with the painful reality of Low-E window reflections, we understand your challenges. We are excited to be able to now offer a solution other than having to install window films, which we all know, can’t solve every instance of reflective conditions.

Platinum HeatMaxx® is available with three different specifications to meet different needs. We have gone through rigorous testing to provide a large variety of application options for these products to give you plenty of design flexibility, whether those are being done in a landscape setting, on a roof deck area, and even indoor applications!


Withstands temperatures of up to 460° F

Looking for environmentally conscious products? We...

... use recycled material

Our BioCel™ backing gives you the reliable backing you need, while also sparing the environment from products that would otherwise be thrown out. When you choose Go Green turf, you aren't just choosing great grass, you're choosing to keep plastic bottles out of landfills. 

... support American farmers

Our biobased backing system displaces about 60% of the petroleum normally used with renewable resources from soybeans. This means you can not only trust this product for durability, but you can also feel good knowing that this backing was made from renewable resources that support the American farming economy.

... 'LEED' by example

Specifying plant-based Go Green artificial grass means not only are you choosing the most environmentally friendly artificial grass, but it also contributes to LEED v.4 credits in several categories and meets all water reduction prerequisites. This means no need for pesticides to maintain a lawn, or wasteful water use to keep it green. 

Beautiful design needs
great greenery

Jack Russell Terrier playing on synthetic turf

Still not convinced?

Perfect for paws — and playgrounds

A turf that won't burn offers safety for its users. Our heat-resistance means protection for kids and pets.


Dependably durable

Our product is manufactured in-house, by a team of people who truly care about providing the best quality and the best service in the industry.



Not only does our turf stand up — literally — to its competition, but it will remain fresh and green for years beyond the alternative options.

What is the Go Green difference?